The foundation for success

A proper foundation is one of the most important parts of your truck scale. If the foundation is not constructed properly, built flat and level, or according to the certified foundation drawing, your truck scale foundation could shift and bring the scale out of accepted calibration tolerance.

If the movement continues, your scale will become inoperable and require costly foundation repairs. Many factors must be considered in the process, such as the slope of the site and soil conditions. Below are a few other factors that must be taken into consideration. The SURVIVOR truck scale line quality design and engineering is further complemented by Rice Lake’s ability to provide professionally certified foundation drawings for your truck scale. A key requirement for a truck scale to function properly is the right foundation. These drawings give you the necessary specifications for a foundation that will fit your scale perfectly.

Pier or Slab Foundation
With an above ground installation, you will have a few foundation options.

Deep Pier
Typical for the northern areas of the United States, the deep pier foundation places part of the foundation below the frost line to eliminate the negative effects that freeze-thaw conditions create with foundations. Similar to the isolated pier foundation, the deep pier foundation also requires 3000 PSF bearing pressure.

Full Slab
A full slab foundation is a continuous or monolithic pour of concrete that runs the entire length of the weighbridge. This is the second most cost-effective type of foundation and is designed for ground that has a soil bearing pressure of at least 1500 PSF.

The pit foundation comes in numerous depths from 2′ to 6′. Your pit depth should best fit your needs and meet all federal, state and local requirements.