Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

We mentioned maintenance a few months ago in this entry. However, we wanted to go a little more in depth with each area in the coming months. Today, we’re going to look at regular calibration service calls. A thorough check-up every six months at the very minimum is the general rule for truck scales.  Many companies like Central Carolina Scale offer regularly scheduled maintenance plans for your truck scales.

When deciding how often to have your scale tested, take into consideration your number of weighments, climate and the value of the product being weighed.  Aside from the actual calibration, most of the inspection will consist of you or your scale technician conducting a visual inspection of the scale, foundation and surrounding area.  Every vehicle scale should be calibrated and tested by a state-licensed servicing agent with no less than 25,000 pounds of certified test weights.  A lot of times it is ideal to use a company like Central Carolina Scale in Sanford, North Carolina that has a scale test cart that can test different areas of the scale.