The foundation of success

This month we continue to look at the overall service and maintenance of a truck scale.  Today we look at the weighbridge and the foundation. Even the toughest scale on earth is put at risk on a poor foundation. Cracked foundations can lead to movement or settling which causes chronic calibration errors. Letting little cracks become big cracks may require removing part or all of the scale foundation and pouring a new one for the scale to once again weigh accurately.

scale foundation

It is important that the end user periodically walk around their scale and do a thorough visual check of the foundation and let your service tech know of any issue that you see possibly developing. Take a look at the weighbridge or deck. Rust or crumbling concrete can weaken the scale structure and cause problems. Clean and paint rusted steel decks.

Binding is a common cause of inaccuracies. A rock as small as your big toe can become wedged between the foundation and deck.  Installing T-Strip molding between the deck and foundation can help keep debris from getting caught or falling down into the scale.

Some above-ground scales have end cleanout plates that can be removed, allowing access to clean out debris that builds up on the foundation surface closest to the scale end.  The above examples are a great reason to contact an experienced truck scale sales and service company like Central Carolina Scale for your truck scale needs.