Survivor OTR-SV

SURVIVOR OTR-SV is a moderate to heavy-duty, top access steel deck product. Limits aside, you want equipment you can count on period. How about a scale that’s built for the way you work? The OTR-SV is an above ground, steel-deck design for farms, factories, or other lower-traffic facilities that demand both value and performance. Its 70,000 lb concentrated load capacity, delivers every bit of the accuracy and dependability you’d expect from a SURVIVOR. The OTR-SV weighbridge is NTEP Certified Legal-For-Trade and comes in standard widths of 10 and 11 feet.One more note to consider. Although not as big as truck scales, floor scales also can be a challenge to purchase. Many companies have a need for a scale to weigh pallets or other large objects. The scale could be used to weigh pallets that are going to be shipped out to customers. Now in this example you would probably not need a large 8′ x 10′ floor scale or even a 4 x 7 floor scale.

Typically a standard 4 x 4 floor scale would be perfect. We bring all these examples up to demonstrate how important it is to have great information available to you when making a buying decision. That is one reason we put together a buyers guide for floor scales which goes over a few key subjects and educates buyers on what to look for so that they can make informed buying decisions.