Checking Devices

As we continue to look at service of truck scales, this month we look at checking devices.  Some vehicle scales utilize suspension systems that don’t require checking devices, eliminating a time-consuming step in your service protocol.  If your scale has checking devices, make sure they are working properly. Inspect check rods to make sure the attachment points are solid. Check for binding.

If there is a problem, weight readings will be inconsistent from section to section. Inspect hardware to ensure jam nuts are tight, rods are level and free of foreign material, and washers are not rusted or distorted. Even if they are working properly, replace corroded hardware components so they don’t fail in the future when you least expect.

Unlike check rod binding, bumper bolt displacement is easy to spot. Bumper bolts need to be tight so they don’t move on their own, yet maintain clearance when the scale is both empty and loaded. Seasonal temperature and weather changes can cause concrete and steel to expand and bumper bolts can bind tight against the contact area. If binding occurs, adjust bumper bolts to maintain proper amount of clearance for all conditions.

rice lake survivor truck scale

Rice Lake SURVIVOR scales do not have bumper bolts.