Downtime can mean lost revenue and lost business opportunities

The economic advantages of incorporating an iQUBE junction box in a scale system are vast. For many companies, scales are virtual cash registers, documenting weight-based transactions. Downtime can mean lost revenue and lost business opportunities. While up and running, iQUBE continually verifies that the scale is weighing correctly, guaranteeing that the accuracy of an operation is never questioned.

Whether iQUBE is added to an existing system to update the technology, or purchased in a new scale bundle with a truck scale and indicator, both will see less downtime and a timely return on investment.

iQUBE acts as a virtual watchman, continually monitoring scale performance. It provides immediate proactive event management to alert operators and technicians of potential inaccuracies or disturbing trends. When an irregularity is detected, the advanced diagnostics will trigger an on-board LED that will change from green to red, indicating which cell is affected. A specific diagnostic message will also display on the 920i when the two are paired together.


With open architecture and advanced connectivity, iQUBE works with existing analog scale systems, new scales, existing indicators and new user interfaces. To make integration easy, iQUBE interfaces using todays common serial interfaces including RS-232, RS-485, analog, fiber optics and RF wireless. Additionally, on-board Ethernet TCP/IP provides seamless integration from your front office to factory floor. If your business is heavily vested in fieldbus technology, bundle an 920i digital indicator/controller with your iQUBE to easily adapt to DeviceNet, Profibus, and Allen-Bradley Remote I/O options.