It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Cardinal EPR What are some other features metal recyclers need to look for inside a truck scale?

There are several attributes recyclers ought to take into account when making the decision to purchase a 70 foot long truck scale, which includes deck plate thickness.

Recyclers are normally handling a high traffic frequency daily on their truck scales, so weighing machine strength becomes a important aspect. For instance, Cardinal Scale produces truck scales with 3/8″ thick steel decks for maximum strength and resiliency to handle hefty loads over the long haul for exceptional overall performance.

An additional quality element to look for is factory-assembled load cells secured in the truck scale. Every Cardinal truck scale is 100 percent factory assembled and examined prior to shipping to a job location. This requires calibrating the whole 60 foot long truck scale to make sure appropriate set-up before shipping for exceptional accuracy.

Usually, a 70-foot-long truck scale dimensions are sought after in the recycling business to be in a position to allow for weighing semi-tractor trailers. Stainless steel load cells and a NEMA 4X stainless steel junction box for load cell wiring can also be important to check for when making the decision to buy a vehicle scale.

SnapStream vs iCan

Scale junction box

                Snapstream versus iCan

Cardinal Scale’s USA-made SnapStream and iCan digital scale systems offer a variety of mutual and diverse features and benefits for your weighing applications. To help further educate potential customers on which type of system is best suited for the different scenarios you may have, we have developed a brief comparison chart that lists SnapStream’s and iCan’s divergent features side by side. This comparison guide should help explain more about which system is more appropriate for each installation scenario.

For instance, SnapStream features load cell diagnostic capabilities from the indicator, but not from the junction box and the indicator; while iCan does offer this feature. Also, when wireless is required, it is much more economical to use SnapStream. If wireless is not required, iCan offers more benefits. Other topics such as connectivity, compatibility, system range, options, and installation settings are addressed in the comparison guide.

Downtime can mean lost revenue and lost business opportunities

The economic advantages of incorporating an iQUBE junction box in a scale system are vast. For many companies, scales are virtual cash registers, documenting weight-based transactions. Downtime can mean lost revenue and lost business opportunities. While up and running, iQUBE continually verifies that the scale is weighing correctly, guaranteeing that the accuracy of an operation is never questioned.

Whether iQUBE is added to an existing system to update the technology, or purchased in a new scale bundle with a truck scale and indicator, both will see less downtime and a timely return on investment. Continue reading