Load Cell Pocket Makes A Difference

Load cell openings that are welded or bolted to exterior I-beams make it possible for too much bending and flexing, leading to damage to the weighbridge. Bumper bolts ease and crack. Check rods bind. Rice Lake SURVIVOR series truck scales are made with the load cell pocket incorporated into the steel framework of the scale.

The pocket is built within the outer I-beam, offering a far more durable, long-lasting load cell pocket. Load cell pockets are made out of heavy-duty steel plates incorporated into the design of the scale. Large wide-flange I-beams encompass the pocket integrating it into the weighbridge structure. This adds extraordinary strength and dependability to a extremely critical section of the weighbridge.

Numerous competitive models implement either bumper bolts or check rods for centering the scale. Check rods will add to the initial price of the scale and bumper bolts require Continue reading