Rodents Least Favorite Load Cell Cable

For scales requiring additional pest control, a uniquely coated load cell cable is now available. The EL147RP Plus, the first of its kind from Rice Lake, comes with an additional chemical layer that is distasteful to rodents.

A traditional braided copper exterior is a strong deterrent, but with the extra layer, appropriately named chemical coating, users will receive the added benefit of a repellent. The chemical layer is not a poison, but rather a deterrent that protects the cable integrity from potentially damaging pests. Click here to learn more about the Rice Lake EL147RP Plus Rodent Protection Cable.

Summer is almost here, Truck Scale Maintenance Ideas

We’re just about ready to head into the busy summer months. In a lot of cases, it is also a busy time for your truck scales. Spring is the best time to get the following maintenance done, because all the melting snow (in some areas) creating running water, mud and muck can wreak havoc on your truck scale operations; washing debris into pits and foundations, and damaging equipment. Not to mention the critters who have taken up residence over the long winter. We recommend completing the following steps in late spring to ensure you are up and running in time for the busy summer season. Continue reading