New Precast Concrete Scale Now Available

The Cardinal Harvester series precast concrete scales offer an economical approach to truck weighing for farms. The Harvester is a fully-electronic truck scale featuring factory poured concrete decks for above-ground, low-profile weighing. Incorporating the latest in patent-pending concrete composition with high tensile strength and optimal deck weight, the Harvester is designed for farms with 3,000 acres or less. Cardinal offers single-source convenience and quality construction utilizing stainless steel model CBC compression load cells.

Designed for light-duty agricultural weighing, the NTEP certified Harvester series of vehicle scales are the farmers choice for all types of vehicle weighing from planting to harvest. The Harvesters low-profile design allows direct access to all scale components for ease of service. Clearance underneath the Harvester truck scale’s weighbridge is 7.5 inches from the top of the pier to the bottom of the deck which allows plenty of room for washouts and easy access to the load cells. Bumper bolts allow for easy maintenance of the truck scale. Lateral checking is placed in the center of the scale to reduce bumper bolt adjustments due to expansion and contraction of the weighbridge from temperature change.

Rodents Least Favorite Load Cell Cable

For scales requiring additional pest control, a uniquely coated load cell cable is now available. The EL147RP Plus, the first of its kind from Rice Lake, comes with an additional chemical layer that is distasteful to rodents.

A traditional braided copper exterior is a strong deterrent, but with the extra layer, appropriately named chemical coating, users will receive the added benefit of a repellent. The chemical layer is not a poison, but rather a deterrent that protects the cable integrity from potentially damaging pests. Click here to learn more about the Rice Lake EL147RP Plus Rodent Protection Cable.