Digital Weight Indicator Can Store Truck Weight Data Each Day With USB Flash Drive

Happy New Year to all our readers out there. It’s our goal to provide great information to you again this year and to bring you some really nice product info that will make your job easier. Cardinal Scale Manufacturing in Webb City Missouri has a USA-made digital weight indicator product line that is very popular with customers. Cardinal’s weight indicators provide easy, convenient scale operation and accurate, reliable measurements. From basic truck scale weighing to complex process automation, Cardinal Scale probably makes a weight indicator for your application. Whether operators need an easy-to-maintain wash-down indicator or an indicator that provides highly visible scale readouts, the odds are that Cardinal will have an option available to suit a wide range of weighing needs.

digital weight indicator with usb collects weight data daily

The latest announcement from Cardinal Scale is very exciting for those of us in the weighing industry. Over the years quite a few scale owners have asked what is the easiest way to connect their computer to the scale? And the answer provided to them is usually well, yes you can connect your scale to the PC but it will only be to Hyper Terminal or yes, you can connect your scale to the computer but you need to by some type of wedge software. But, now with the new Cardinal 2XX-USBA option board which is listed as USB-A Card, 2 USB-A Ports, One Micro SD Port – you have the ability to add a USB flash drive to a select group of Cardinal indicators like the 205, 210 and 225 and easily collect weighing data. For example, with one 4GB flash drive and Micro SD card you could literally collect millions of weight transactions with ID numbers. Then once you’re ready to view the transactions, you remove the flash drive and take a look at the CSV file on your computer. It’s easy to add titles to the columns and sum the weight column to determine the total amount of weight that you’ve weighed over a period of time. To learn more about this, click here.

Over the past couple of years it is obvious Cardinal Scale is stepping up their digital weight indicator lineup. For example, the 190 with multiple color display is a unique item and has been very popular with various industries. Now we find out that certain Cardinal indicators can easily collect weight data by just adding an optional board and USB thumb drive. This is definitely an item worth looking into if you have even the least bit of interest in collecting weight data without all the hassles of complicated software. These digital indicators can be connected and calibrated to just about any scale system out there.