SnapStream vs iCan

Scale junction box

                Snapstream versus iCan

Cardinal Scale’s USA-made SnapStream and iCan digital scale systems offer a variety of mutual and diverse features and benefits for your weighing applications. To help further educate potential customers on which type of system is best suited for the different scenarios you may have, we have developed a brief comparison chart that lists SnapStream’s and iCan’s divergent features side by side. This comparison guide should help explain more about which system is more appropriate for each installation scenario.

For instance, SnapStream features load cell diagnostic capabilities from the indicator, but not from the junction box and the indicator; while iCan does offer this feature. Also, when wireless is required, it is much more economical to use SnapStream. If wireless is not required, iCan offers more benefits. Other topics such as connectivity, compatibility, system range, options, and installation settings are addressed in the comparison guide.