Which Survivor Is Right For You?

Over the years we have been asked quite often “out of all the different Rice Lake Survivor truck scales, which one is right for my application”? In the next few entries we will take a look at the different versions available.

The 2 most significant aspects influencing the expected lifetime of the truck scale are truck volume and axle loading. Weighing greater than one hundred vehicles a day is heavy traffic, yet many customers weigh two hundred or more vehicles in a day. Whenever the daily quantity surpasses two hundred fifty vehicles each day or roughly a truck every 2 minutes, back-ups, delays and a loss of future business may be expected. Many organizations weighing greater than two hundred fifty vehicles every day will discover they require an additional weight scale. While Rice Lake’s SURVIVOR OTR scales have a CLC rating of 100,000 pounds, understanding the type of truck and its quantity of axles can be essential in selecting the right weighing machine. It only takes a single significantly overloaded 18 wheeler to result in long term damage to a scale improperly suited for the application. Operations involving quarries, mining operations, fly ash, asphalt, construction, landfills, transfer station, steel mills, logging operations among others demand careful evaluation by a professional to specify the proper weighing machine for the application.