Thinking of Buying A Truck Scale?

Before you spend money on a new truck scale, why not ask yourself twelve key questions below. Once you can answer these questions, purchasing a truck scale should be much easier.

1. What size scale do you need? a common answer is 11 ft x 70 ft.
2. Type of deck you need? Steel or Concrete
3. Type of scale interested in? OTR ATV SR PT or other model
4. Foundation already exist or do you need a new one? Continue reading

New Truck Scales versus Used Truck Scales

You don’t have to look at too many truck scale brochures to become thoroughly confused about what’s available and what is and isn’t important to you. Full-length truck scales may be of either portable or permanent installation. Portable truck scales include a lower framework that is placed on a prepared surface (either a concrete slab, wooden beams, or even dirt) and ramps are placed at either end for access.

Portable scales are generally more expensive because of the lower framework but are much easier to move from site to site and are ideal for contractors or road builders. Scales that are permanently mounted may be mounted either in a pit (like the basement of a home) or of an above-ground low profile design where the scale is mounted on a concrete slab with ramps at either end. The advantages of a pit type scale Continue reading