Choose Reputable Scale Service Company With Correct Tools

Most of the time we focus on how to buy scales or what features are ideal for your next truck scale purchase. Today we wanted to briefly discuss truck scale service and repairs since eventually you will have to call to have service and repair done on your truck scale.

And let’s face it, if a repair isn’t done right and efficiently, any money you saved on your truck scale purchase could be lost in a lengthy repair.  Almost every digital scale from a small bench scale to a large truck scale has a digital weight indicator. Most scales have one or more load cells. Quite a few scales have a junction box with summing board. Most electronic truck scales feature these components as well.

Most of the time to test and calibrate these bench and floor scales, you just place test weights in a few spots, test and calibrate if necessary. However, the testing and calibration that is performed on a truck scale varies from the standard bench and floor scales.

Most truck scales are checked with test weights and a portable test cart filled with certified weight. This allows the scale technician to drive the cart over the scale and test the scale more thoroughly than just placing weights on the end of the scale. Having a test cart with weights should allow you to get a better and more detailed test of your truck scale than if you don’t use a cart.

That is one reason it is important to choose a truck scale calibration service company that has a test cart in North Carolina that can test truck scales accurately. Companies that don’t have a test cart can be at a disadvantage when it comes to finding certain hard to find errors that can creep into the picture from time to time.